ECMX is a sand track and like any good sand track it’s fast, flowing and ever changing! We’ve spent countless hours developing the track so that there can be a multitude of separate racing lines in each corner. Bowl turns, hip turns, off cambers, multiple tiers and even some rut sections – you name it, ECMX has it and it’s groomed to perfection. When the track first opens for the day (on open practice or race days), it does so as a fully prepped, AMA sanctioned, race ready facility. The first couple hours will feel like you’re riding on a golf course! But don’t fool yourself – as the day goes on, the bowls get gnarly, whoops form that give the most talented of rider’s fits and the track slowly transforms into a beast that tests every bit of your endurance. ECMX showcases a variety of obstacles from doubles, multi-tier tables, scrub hills, low-to-highs, rollers, an Ant hill – but most riders find the bowl turns and line options 2nd to none.rv nation

KOA Campgrounds could learn a thing or two about parking and amenities from ECMX. We have enough parking to accommodate over 1500 visitors and all the parking is FLAT! With crush gravel roads outlining the parking. No tilting RV’s or parking on hills – the grounds are massive and it’s Park and Play ready! When you pull into the facility you will quickly notice the grounds are manicured! We use top quality mowers and sprayers. Weed and seed is part of our monthly lawn care regiment and it shows. We take great pride in our lawn/parking area – so because of that – we ask that you respect it while riding to and from the track – 1st gear only – save the throttle for the track. Feel free to bring the Frisbee, football, baseball or most any fun, family oriented sporting equipment – we have room for it.

We have a bike wash and fill station available. Sorry, no hookups.

ECMX has a newly renovated men and women’s bathhouse. Fresh paint, acrylic floors with metal flake, baby changing station, new toilets, (heated seats for those sitting second) and everything is cleaned daily (hourly if needed). Hot water showers are available with outstanding water pressure. You don’t need an RV to enjoy camping at ECMX! Between the lush, flat lawn, renovated bathhouse and onsite food vendors (on race weekends only) – the experience should be nothing short of enjoyable.

The club members and staff at ECMX know that the riders and guests are what keep us open. You will be treated with courtesy and respect – we do ask that you do the same for us. We know there are lots of options on how to spend your weekend so we go out of our way to ensure you have a great time and leave with a smile on your face. I think you will be hard pressed to find a friendlier group of people than the members at ECMX.

We have a ZERO Tolerance Rule in place at ECMX; NO fighting, guns, drugs, vandalism, and dumping. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Come out and have fun at ECMX – you’ll be glad you did!